The Bradbury Building, built in 1893, is one of Southern California's most remarkable architectural achievements. Its plan was commissioned by real estate and mining entrepreneur Louis L. Bradbury who decided to build it just a few blocks from his home on fashionable Bunker Hill and not far from the base of Angels Flight. After rejecting a plan submitted by Sumner P. Hunt, Bradbury approached junior draftsman George Wyman. Wyman is said to have accepted the commission after consulting a ouija board. Wyman was influenced by Edward Bellamy's 1887 book that described a utopian civilization in the year 2000. The typical office building was described as being a "vast hall of light received not alone by the windows, but from a dome overhead." The interior of the court is flooded with natural light. In the true spirit of Los Angles, it has been featured in many movies, from DOA in 1946 to Blade Runner in 1982. The ray tracings in this gallery were inspired by the Bradbury building. I have created a povray model of the building that is not a perfect representation but sticks to the spirit of the building. The one major exception to this is the iron elevators which rise up in the center of the atrium. Perhaps these will be added at a future date.
 Bradbury 1

 Bradbury 2

 Bradbury 3

Bradbury 4

 Bradbury 5